We are happy to offer for sale our favorite hedgehog accessory:


Hedgehog Snuggle Sack - HEDGEHOGS by VickieThe “SNUGGLE SACK” is a cloth pouch that you wear on your chest like a front backpack.

Take your hedgehog everywhere with you stress free!

It is the ideal way to travel with your pet hedgehog.

Watch TV… do chores… talk on the phone…. go out… and do it all in the company of your hedgehog buddy!

“SNUGGLE SACKS” are especially useful when you
and your new hedgehog buddy are in the bonding stage.

Hedgehog Bonding Snuggle Sack - HEDGEHOGS by VickieHedgehogs have keenly developed olfactory senses. They distinguish everything and everyone by their sense of smell. When first bringing a baby hedgehog home, it is critical that you spend lots of quiet time together as the two of you form a strong bond. The SNUGGLE SACK becomes a great tool to help you form this relationship.

Inside the SNUGGLE SACK, your little hedgie feels safe and secure. You can remove him for handling and then place him back in the sack if he becomes tired or if you are interrupted. The cloth sack will pick up your personal odor as you wear it. The SNUGGLE SACK will become your hedgehog’s security blanket. He will soon look forward to going places in his familiar ” SNUGGLE SACK“.


Note: If you already own an older hedgehog which you either acquired “used” or one whom was not properly bonded and socialized as a baby, the SNUGGLE SACK is also ideal for you!  We have discovered that due to the inherently shy, God given nature of the hedgehogs, some older animals resist hands on interaction. Frequently, utilizing a SNUGGLE SACK to reacquaint yourself and your hedgehog becomes that catalyst that will warm up the relationship!

The HEDGEHOGS by Vickie SNUGGLE SACKS are hand sewn by Vickie.
They are made with high quality materials and have the following features:

Hedgehog Bonding Snuggle Sack - HEDGEHOGS by Vickie

  • Rugged corduroy exterior
  • Soft & cozy faux fur interior
  • Drawstring cord stoppers (to securely close the sack when necessary)
  • Adjustable nylon backpack straps… one size fits all
  • Quick release parachute clips… easy on… easy off
  • Machine washable

Since Vickie is constantly working on sewing a new batch of SNUGGLE SACKS, the colors and patterns are constantly changing.
Call us for our current inventory and color selection.

 SNUGGLE SACKS are ideal for sugar gliders and other small pets too!

Hedgehog Bonding Snuggle Sack - HEDGEHOGS by Vickie

Hedgehog Bonding Snuggle Sack - HEDGEHOGS by VickieSNUGGLE SACKS are only $30

 SNUGGLE SACK can be sent to your door via US Mail for a $7 shipping/handling fee.

We accept all major credit cards over the phone @

(630) 231-3956 between 8 am and 8 pm CST.


Send a money order for $37 payable to VICKIE JESTER at:
PO BOX 971, West Chicago, IL  60186

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